Say “Yes” to Second Chances

Public Policy members will support the statewide nonpartisan effort to restore voting rights to felons who have completed serving their sentences, including probation and parole.  PP members who choose to participate will gather petitions to place a voting registration amendment on the ballot in November, 2018. Many women are among those deprived of their voting rights. Training for collecting signatures will take place at the Oct 24 meeting of Public Policy.

Florida is one of only three states that continues to punish felons who have paid their debts to society by depriving them of their right to vote. The amendment does not apply to murderers and sex offenders. The amendment modernizes Florida’s criminal justice rules by bringing our state in line with others nationwide.

AAUW’s priorities include: Vigorous enforcement of and full access to civil and constitutional rights, including affirmative action and expanding voting rights.  We will join many religious, social activist and legal groups to work toward restoring voting rights.

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