RIF (Reading is Fundamental) Update

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) has concluded for this school year at the two schools we serve:  Parkside and Golden Terrace.  Almost all of the students at these schools are on reduced or free lunches (98.5% at Parkside and 91.6% at  Golden Terrace.)  AAUW GNB volunteers funded and distributed books to approximately 1,756 students (grades pre-K through 5th grade) on two occasions.  RIF is unique in that the children choose their own books from dozens and dozens of titles.  To the delight of the children, we will have RIF at these schools for the next year,  starting in November and continuing through April.  If you are interested in volunteering and have not so advised the RIF coordinator, please do so by contacting Karen Clegg at clegg115@gmail.com.    Thanks to all who volunteered their time and their funds to make RIF possible for children who might not otherwise own books of their own — books they selected based on their interests and reading level.

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