AAUW volunteers assist with Collier County Schools’ Scholar Bowl Competitions

During the school year both public and private Collier County schools compete in academic competitions organized into three divisions: Middle School, Junior Varsity (9th and 10 grade), and Varsity. 

This year fifteen middle schools have participated in three out of the four planned practice rounds scheduled from November through February held at 10 am Monday thru Friday’s. GNAAUW’s members Sandy Kempf and Lanetta Warrenburg have served for one of four positions – moderator, judge, score-keeper, or timer – for each of these tournaments.

Both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams from thirteen county high schools – public, private, and Ave Maria homeschoolers, have met in three Saturday morning practice matches, two rounds each from mid-October through January.  The Varsity tournament with the top eleven schools was held Friday afternoon, February 17.  GNAAUW members Lanetta Warrenburg and Kathy Ryan served as judges and score-keepers for the event. The top scoring four schools then competed in the final tournament Saturday morning, February 18, which was broadcast live at 12:30 pm for Education Channel 99 and taped for replay throughout the year.  GNAAUW member Kathy Ryan served as a judge, and Lanetta Warrenburg was the moderator for the final round.  All questions are evaluated and revised by the judges and moderator prior to the competition.  First place was taken by Barron Collier High School, second place by Community School of Naples, third place by Palmetto Ridge High School, and fourth place by Ave Maria Community Home School.

The top six high school scholar bowl students are chosen at-large to represent Collier County as the Commissioner’s Academic Challenge in Orlando, Florida, at the highly academic statewide tournament.  Collier County earned third place in Division 1 last year at the 2016 competition.

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