Local Scholarships Awarded for 2017

We are pleased to announce the local women receiving a 2017 AAUW Greater Naples Branch scholarship.

Heather VanBrummelen
Second year recipient pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Hodges University where she also works in admissions.  Heather is a mother to two young children and works closely with American Legion post at Hodges as well.  She intends to utilize her degree and experience at Hodges to work in the field of marketing to higher education students

Melissa Belyea
Also a 2nd year recipient, Melissa is close to completion of her graduate studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Hodges.  She is already deep in her practice facilitating group therapy sessions and assisting individuals with eating disorders here locally.  She has been offered full time job at the Mindful Health Foundation and we are excited she will continue to be a great asset to our community as a counselor.

Daniela Fernandez
Daniela is pursuing a Bachelors in Criminal Justice while working a full time position in Moorings Park at Gray Oaks.   Her plan is to continue her graduate studies in Mental Health and she would like to focus on juvenile justice.

Silvia Garcia
Silvia is a new student at Hodges pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration.  At present Silvia provides care to her mom who unfortunately suffered a stroke while she also pursues her studies.  Silvia would like to one day manage a retail store like Target or Publix

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