Public Policy

The Director of Public Policy oversees several projects related to the AAUW mission.  Each project has its own chairperson.  Its core is Voices for Change,  the GNB’s public policy action committee that promotes the public policy agenda of our national, state and local organization. The members are both pro-active and responsive to issues that affect the advancement and well-being of women and girls.  Members are kept informed of matters of public concern via Washington Update and Action Alerts communications and directly participate in workshops and projects via Voices for Change. The following are specific areas of interest where members take the Public Policy lead:

  • AAUW National & State Liaison
  • Local Organizations Liaison
  • Collier County Public Schools Liaison

Voices for Change meets in the Community Room of the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive, Naples, FL 34109. Meetings are open to all members.

– AAUW/GNB Public Policy Networking An official representative of GNB serves with other organizations that share AAUW policy objectives:

– Women’s Initiative Network (Formerly Women’s Philanthropic Network) The Branch has partnered with the Network to bring 211 (like 911) to Naples which will provide information on areas services and referrals) and a Senior Citizens’ Center to Collier County. Two members of the Public Policy Committee act as Branch representatives to that Network.

At the heart of AAUW is its promotion of equity for women and girls through pro-female legislation, a strong public school system and a nurturing community.
We Support Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties including:


  •   a woman’s right to make reproductive choices
  •   the separation of church and state in all public institutions
  •   the passage of a Non-Discrimination Ordinance in the county
  •   the election/appointment of women to public offices, boards and commissions.

We Support a Public School System

  •   that welcomes diversity in its students and faculty
  •   that teaches and exercises tolerance
  •   that offers females equal opportunities in athletics and academics including math and science
  •   that strives for quality in faculty and curriculum

We Support a Community

  •   that provides opportunities for advancement and a safe environment for all    citizens
  •   that promotes economic self-sufficiency for women and equal wages for the same or similar work
  •   that provides accessible and affordable health care for women and children
  •   that protects its environmental resources
Additional Contacts and Sources for information:
The state AAUW office at:
The national AAUW office at: (follow the “click action” link)
Local government agencies:
Florida state government at:
U.S. federal government at:
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State