Interest Groups

Branch Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

NOTE: Dates of meetings and locations of all Special Interest Groups appear on the “Special Interest Group Calendar” Tab.

Small groups with common interests meet regularly (October through April/May) in homes of members and elsewhere.  Interest groups provide opportunities for education, self-development, socialization, and involvement in the branch. Members are welcome to create other special interest groups for membership involvement.

Book Discussion – Fiction/Non-Fiction Book Group – Chair: Susan Becker, 239-261-7798
Susan Becker facilitates this group. It meets year round on the second Friday of the month at 1 pm. Year-round residents meet during the summer at an Old Naples restaurant.

Non-Fiction Discussion Group – Chair: Karen Clegg, 239-649-3913 or 913-488-7707
This book club reads serious non-fiction. Generally, the book club meets on the last Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Government Center on Orange Blossom Road, with some exceptions for date and locations, which are noted on the Special Interest Groups Calendar. For more information, contact Karen:

Mysteries and Thrillers – Judy Blackburn
Judith Blackburn leads this group, also known as Bibliophiles, which focuses on mysteries. This year their particular focus is on women. The hostess reports on the authors, but there are no particular titles assigned. Their first author is Lisa Jackson. Judith encouraged people to join the group.

Great Decisions – 2017 Chair: Donna Carty, or 239-784-7734 and 2018 Chair: Carol Light, or 239-353-2189
Members discuss, debate and gain insights about US foreign policy issues.  This interactive program utilizes the briefing book published by the Foreign Policy Association ( as well as the DVD video series. Discussions are led by member volunteers.  Program fee: $30 includes briefing book and admin fee, additional $13 includes large print text manuscript.  E-book is available. Briefing books are ordered in October.  New members wishing to join the program may do so during the program year by contacting Donna or Carol. Briefing books can be ordered online for those missing the October group order deadline.

Non-Sequitur – Chair: Nancy Beights, 239-434-8626
The founding philosophy of AAUW encourages educated women to take part in discussions on a variety of issues and ideas.  Join Non Sequitur for dinner and conversation.

Movie and a Meal Group – Chair: Laura Candris 239-919-8869
This group goes to matinee movies on the second Wednesday of the month (normally) at the Silverspot, the Regal or the Paragon. Those who have expressed interest in this group receive an email on the Thursday before the outing with information about newly released movie choices.  The members of the group vote on the movies and whether to lunch before or after. We have a good time! To join the group, contact Laura Candris at